Nude oil painting on canvas of men and women from the 90s with signature made in Italy


Discover an oil on canvas painting depicting nude men and women from the 90s, with a made in Italy signature. Dimensions: 220×150 cm. An impressive work of art for your space


Oil painting on canvas: Nude men and women from the 90s


This oil on canvas painting depicts a suggestive nude of a man and a woman, created in the 1990s with a signature attesting to its Italian origin. The work is characterized by an artistic representation that explores the human form with detail and sensitivity, typical of the style of the time.


With generous dimensions of 220cm in height and 150cm in width, this painting is perfect for being the focal point of a large wall, adding depth and charm to any domestic or professional environment.

Artistic Details

The use of oil on canvas gives the painting a richness of color and depth that only this artistic technique can offer. Every detail, from the texture of the skin to the contrasts of light and shadow, is expertly rendered to create a work that invites contemplation and aesthetic appreciation.

Purchase and Collecting

This work is not only an artistic masterpiece but also a collector’s item for lovers of contemporary art and artistic nudes. Ideal for those who want to enrich their space with a creation that combines beauty, culture and Italian history.

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