Cubist painting from 1956: Still Life on Canvas


Discover a cubist painting from 1956, still life painted on canvas. Dimensions: 88×56 cm. A historic work of art for your space.

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This Cubist painting from 1956 is a fascinating work that captures the essence of still life through the unique interpretation of the Cubist movement. Painted on canvas, the work stands out for its bold use of geometric shapes and vibrant colors, characteristic of this revolutionary artistic movement.

Details and History

The 1956 date on the reverse adds historical and authentic value to this work of art, revealing the period in which it was created and contributing to its provenance and authenticity. This painting not only represents an artistic expression but also a piece of 20th century art history.


Measuring 88x56cm, the painting is generously sized making it ideal as a focal point in any home or professional setting. Its presence can transform a wall into a personal art gallery, adding depth and charm to any space.

Collectibles and Decoration

This cubist painting is not only a work of art but also a collector’s item for enthusiasts and collectors. Perfect for those who appreciate modern art and wish to own a significant piece that embodies the artistic innovation of the Cubist period.

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