Group of 6 walnut chairs reupholstered in blue fabric and 50s gold dot

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Welcome to our online shop! We are pleased to present you a charming set of six vintage chairs from the 1950s, perfect for adding a touch of retro elegance to your space. These chairs feature a walnut frame, finished in a blue fabric with gold dots and offer sprung padding, echoing the style and quality of the era.

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The structure of the chairs is made of walnut, a precious wood with a warm color and a natural texture that gives it a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere. Walnut is known for its durability and strength, ensuring these chairs are a long-lasting investment in your decor.

The chairs have been reupholstered in a blue fabric, which adds a touch of freshness and vitality.

The gold dots on the fabric create a luminous and sophisticated effect, adding a touch of luxury to the overall design of the chairs. This mix of colors and patterns offers a visual harmony and a vintage elegance that blends perfectly with different styles of furniture.

The sprung padding of these chairs is an important feature of the period. The use of springs ensures optimal comfort during use and contributes to a more welcoming and ergonomic seat. This handcrafted tradition of spring padding gives the chairs an authentic feel and added value for lovers of vintage design.

Finally, these chairs are a high quality “Made in Italy” product.

Italy is renowned for its excellence in design and craftsmanship, and these chairs are an expression of those values. By choosing these chairs, you can enjoy Italian craftsmanship and take home a piece of design history.

The 1950s Set of Six Walnut Frame, Blue Fabric with Gold Dots and Sprung Upholstery Chairs is a great choice for adding classy vintage style to your space. Whether you want to furnish a living room, a dining room or any other environment, these chairs will surely be an element of great visual impact and functionality.

We look forward to sharing these beautiful vintage chairs with you, which offer a comfortable seating experience and timeless elegance. Add a touch of nostalgia and style to your home with this group of one-of-a-kind chairs.