African Madonna sculpture in Rosewood 60s

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Our sculpture of an African Madonna is a unique piece that combines the elegance of rosewood with African artistic features. This sculpture has been created with great craftsmanship, offering an authentic and original work of art.

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The Madonna, represented with the distinctive features of African art, embodies a unique beauty and spirituality. The flowing and sinuous lines of the sculpture capture the essence of the female figure, expressing grace and devotion.

Rosewood, known for its beauty and durability, adds a touch of warmth and richness to the sculpture. The patina of time that has built up over the years gives the piece a sense of history and authenticity.

With its dimensions of 60cm in height and 15cm in diameter, the sculpture becomes a fascinating focal point in any environment in which it is placed. It can be displayed on a pedestal, tabletop or shelf, adding a touch of spirituality and beauty to a home or religious setting.

By offering this sculpture of an African Madonna in your e-commerce, you will be able to offer your customers a unique and meaningful piece of art, which represents the meeting of cultures and the essence of spirituality. It will be a choice appreciated by those looking for a unique object of great aesthetic value to enrich their spaces.

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60 cm


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