Fontana Arte 50s style chandelier in glass and original brass

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Our Fontana Arte-inspired chandelier is a glamorous piece that will bring a touch of artistic elegance to your space. This chandelier is made up of two discs engraved with delicate floral motifs, adding a distinctive decorative element. The two discs are joined by a brass border, which gives a sophisticated finish and a solid structure to the chandelier.

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The chandelier was produced in Italy in the 1950s, bringing with it the charm and excellence of Italian craftsmanship from that period. Its authenticity is evident in its integrity and the patina of time it has built up over the years. This patina gives the chandelier a characterful look and a sense of history, adding to its charm.

In addition to its aesthetic appearance, the chandelier is fully functional, providing a pleasant and welcoming light to your environment. You can choose to install bulbs that suit your personal taste, creating the desired atmosphere in your space.

This chandelier in the style of Fontana Arte is a true piece of art that combines master craftsmanship and refined design. The combination of the engraved floral motifs and the brass border creates a visual harmony and timeless elegance.

Adding this chandelier to your e-commerce will mean offering your customers the opportunity to own an authentic piece of Italian design from the 1950s, which will enchant the eyes and illuminate any room in which it will be placed with style.

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