Single table in solid wood of different essences “Monasteri”

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Welcome to the e-commerce dedicated to art and craft lovers! Here you can discover a unique octagonal table, a real work of art, made in the 70s by the renowned master cabinetmaker Monasteri.

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This octagonal table is a stunning and distinctive piece that will catch the eye of anyone who enters your home. Its octagonal shape gives a touch of originality and refinement to the surrounding environment.

Made entirely of high quality solid wood, the table is the result of the skill and mastery of the Monasteri cabinetmaker. To create this masterpiece, the master used different types of wood, combining them harmoniously to create a mix of colors and unique veins. This makes each table an exclusive and unrepeatable piece.

One of the most fascinating details of this table is the Monasteri signature, proudly present on the top. This signature not only testifies to the authenticity and origin of the piece, but also adds a touch of prestige and collector’s value.

The passing of the years has given this table a natural patina and a timeless charm. The very essence of handcrafted production implies that there may be small manufacturing imperfections, but it is precisely these peculiarities that make the table even more special, underlining its authenticity and handwork with care and dedication.

The size of the octagonal table makes it perfect for family gatherings or for welcoming guests with style and hospitality. The unique design and attention to detail will ensure that this table becomes the focal point of your dining room or living space.

Owning a Monasteri octagonal table from the 70s means investing in a functional piece of art, which embodies the artisan tradition and the beauty of the past. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring home such a unique and precious piece, ready to give a touch of timeless elegance to your home.

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