trio of brass and leather ashtrays 80s 70s

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This set of three small ashtrays from the 1980s is a charming and distinctive addition for lovers of vintage design. Each ashtray features a leather weighted base and a gold nickel-plated metal frame, lending a touch of luxury and sophistication to the set.

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Two of the ashtrays are round in shape, while one is square in shape. This variety of shapes adds visual interest and versatility to the set, allowing you to use them in different contexts and situations.

The weighted leather base provides stability for the ashtrays, preventing them from shifting or tipping over easily. Leather also lends a warm and cozy feel to the set.

The gold nickel-plated metal frame gives the ashtrays an elegant and finished look. The gold color creates a charming contrast with the leather and adds a touch of vintage luxury to the set.

The exact size of ashtrays can vary, but in general they are small ashtrays that can be placed on tables, coffee tables, or consoles. Their compact size makes them suitable for use in different environments, such as living rooms, studios, bars or restaurants.

This set of three small ashtrays from the 1980s is a charming addition for fans of vintage design. The combination of leather, gold nickel-plated metal, and variegated shapes creates a unique and distinctive set. They will be a functional and decorative addition to your space, offering a touch of class and history to your moments of relaxation or socializing.