tris of animals in leather 70s handcrafted ethnic collection

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Welcome to the e-commerce dedicated to collectors enthusiasts! Here you can discover a magnificent trio of collectible leather animals, masterfully crafted in the 1970s, that will add a touch of sophistication and history to your collection.


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  1. Leather horse from the 1970s: This elegant collectible horse was carefully and precisely crafted using fine leather, hand-tufted to create a smooth and delicate surface. His regal pose and attention to detail capture the essence of equine majesty. The natural skin tones and shades recreate the charm of animals in the wild. The size of this horse makes it an ideal decorative object for a chest of drawers or a shelf, ready to capture the attention of lovers of art and beauty.
  2. Leather horse from the 70s, dynamic pose: This second collector’s horse is a work of art in motion. His dynamic pose and detailed leatherwork capture the essence of a running horse’s energy and grace. The craftsman has been able to convey the powerful spirit of the animal through the skilful use of leather, giving life to this magnificent specimen. Place it on a shelf or desk to add a touch of dynamism to your collection.
  3. 1970s Leather Elephant: This collectible elephant is a true masterpiece. With its majestic bearing and recognizable shape, it reflects the beauty and majesty of one of the most beloved animals in the world. The carefully crafted leather creates a soft and realistic texture, paying homage to the appearance and personality of these charming animals. Place it on a shelf or low cabinet to add a touch of exotic elegance to your collection.

These collectable leather animals from the 70s are true works of art that combine skilled craftsmanship with a love of nature. By purchasing this unique trio, you will have the opportunity to preserve and enhance the charm of the past and add a touch of class to your collection. Whether you’re into animals, history, or design, these creations will be a valuable addition to your collection. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of authentic beauty and traditional craftsmanship.