Pair of cigarette holders in brass and silver for walking

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Welcome to our online shop! We are excited to present you a pair of elegant vintage cigarette holders from the 1950s. This set includes two distinct pieces: one with a brass opening and the other with a silver opening. Both cigarette cases have a handle that makes them look like handbags, giving them a unique and charming touch.

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The brass opening cigarette holder offers a sophisticated and nostalgic look. Brass is a durable and high-quality material, which is characterized by its shine and resistance. The opening is designed in a way that allows for easy removal of the cigarettes, adding practicality to elegance.

On the other hand, the silver opening cigarette holder exudes refined style and timeless charm. On the other hand, the silver opening cigarette holder exudes refined style and timeless charm. The opening is designed to ensure a comfortable grip of the cigarettes, making the use of the cigarette holder a pleasant and functional experience.

Both cigarette cases are equipped with a handle, which adds a touch of originality and practicality. The handle allows the holder to be held in the hand as if it were a handbag, lending a sense of style and creating a unique focal point for the accessory. This distinctive detail makes the cigarette holders even more special and fascinating.

Furthermore, both cigarette cases have a stamp certifying the Italian origin of the product. The “Made in Italy” stamp is synonymous with craftsmanship, quality and refined design, confirming that these cigarette cases have been made with care and attention to detail.

This set of 1950s cigarette holders is ideal for vintage lovers and those looking to add a touch of retro elegance to their accessories. Whether you are a collector or just want a unique style, these cigarette holders will make a stunning addition to your collection.

By choosing this set of cigarette holders, you can enjoy the charming aesthetics of the 50s, the quality of materials and the beauty of craftsmanship. We can’t wait to share with you these wonderful vintage creations that are sure to attract attention and add a touch of class to your personal style.