Reclining armchair in ski 50s Nello Pini

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Welcome to our online shop! We are happy to present you a splendid vintage armchair from the 1950s in marmorino effect leather, equipped with a fully functional reclining structure. This armchair is a genuine period piece that shows signs of aging, which contributes to its unique and authentic charm. The design was done by Nello Pini, a renowned Italian designer of the time.

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The armchair features a marmorino effect leather structure, which offers an elegant and sophisticated look. The marmorino leather is characterized by a special finish that recalls the veins of marble, creating a captivating and distinctive visual effect. This particular type of leather was used extensively in the 1950s for high quality furniture, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to the armchair.

The reclining structure of the armchair allows you to adjust the recline level according to your preferences and comfort needs. The recline functionality is fully intact and operational, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable seating experience. This feature makes the armchair ideal for relaxing, reading or watching TV.

Despite being a genuine vintage piece from the 1950s, the armchair is fully functional and in excellent condition. The presence of signs of aging on the leather or on the structure contributes to its authentic retro look and gives a sense of history and personality to the piece of furniture. These signs of wear are normal and add a touch of authenticity to the design, without compromising its structural integrity or functionality.

This armchair is a “Made in Italy” product, created with the Italian craftsmanship that has made Italian design famous throughout the world. Italy is renowned for its tradition in the art of furniture making, and this armchair is an excellent testament to that heritage. By opting for this armchair, you are bringing home a high quality and authentic piece of Italian design.

We are thrilled to share with you this magnificent vintage armchair designed by Nello Pini. It offers a comfortable seating experience and timeless elegance that fits perfectly with different styles of furniture. Add a touch of authenticity and history to your space with this one-of-a-kind armchair, which is sure to become the center of attention and provide moments of pure relaxation.