Three-dimensional geometric mirror 70s

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The white metal structure is made with high quality craftsmanship. The three-dimensional lines of the structure add depth and dynamism to the mirror, creating a unique and captivating visual effect.
The round mirror in the center of the structure adds a functional and practical touch. It is perfect for reflecting light and expanding the surrounding space, as well as being a decorative element in its own right.
The orange background of the area around the mirror creates a focal point and adds warmth and vibrancy to the whole piece. The color orange is known to evoke positive and energetic emotions, helping to create a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere.
The mirror period is characterized by the 1970s, a time when design experimented with bold shapes and bright colors. This mirror represents an authentic piece from that period, with a particular attention to detail and quality craftsmanship typical of Italy.

The exact dimensions of the mirror will vary but in general this is a medium sized piece that can easily be placed on a wall in different rooms of the house such as an entryway, living room or bedroom.

Buying this mirror means bringing home a vintage design piece with a unique style. The three-dimensional structure, orange background and round mirror create a functional piece of art that adds character, style and a retro touch to your space. It will be a distinctive decorative element with a great visual impact.