70s two-tone square mirror

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We present a square bevelled and bevelled mirror from the 70s, a classic design piece that will add a touch of elegance and retro style to your interior. This mirror is characterized by a combination of shapes and finishes that make it one of a kind.

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The generous dimensions of this square mirror, with a width and height of 80cm, make it an ideal choice for giving an illusion of space and light to your room. The square shape gives a symmetrical and harmonious look that fits into a variety of environments, such as bedrooms, living rooms or studies.
The ground and bevelled edges are the distinctive details of this mirror. The ground edge gives a touch of sophistication and precision, while the bevelled edge adds an element of elegance and depth. These characteristics give the mirror a handcrafted quality and make it truly a unique piece.
But the most striking feature of this mirror is the superimposition of another smaller mirror in its center. The overlay mirror, also square with dimensions of 80cm by 80cm, creates an interesting visual effect and adds an intriguing design element. This detail makes the mirror a focal point and a true work of art.
The 1970s were a time of great experimentation and innovation in design, and this mirror is an excellent representation of that era. With its retro style and touch of nostalgia, this mirror is perfect for vintage lovers and those looking for a unique piece of furniture with a story to tell.
In conclusion, the 1970s bevelled square mirror, with a smaller overlapping mirror in the center, is a stunning design option for anyone looking for a distinctive and glamorous element for their home. It will add a touch of class and originality to any decor and is sure to become a talking point in any room it is placed.

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80 cm


80 cm