800s faux bamboo table in wood and marble

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We present a faux bamboo coffee table, a unique and charming piece of furniture that brings with it the charm of the late 1800s. This side table is made of ebonized wood, which gives it an elegant and sophisticated look.

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The side table features a combination of intricate details that recall the style of bamboo, but made of ebonized wood. This dark finish gives the coffee table a refined look, adding a touch of mystery and an atmosphere of a bygone era.
The table top is made of white Carrara marble, a precious material known for its beauty and resistance. The white Carrara marble gives the coffee table a luxurious and sophisticated look, with natural veins that make each piece unique. The original patina of the time adds a touch of authenticity and character to the table, testifying to its history and timeless charm.
The dimensions of the coffee table are 64cm wide, 66cm high and 44cm deep, making it an ideal addition to a variety of settings. Its compact size makes it perfect for smaller spaces, such as living rooms, lounges or bedrooms, but it can also be placed as an accent piece in larger spaces.
This Faux Bamboo Side Table with White Carrara Marble is a unique period piece of furniture that is sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees it. The combination of fine materials, detailed craftsmanship and the original patina give this side table a timeless appeal.
Whether you are an interior design enthusiast looking for a unique piece to enrich your home, a collector of vintage items or simply looking for a piece of furniture that carries a story with it, the faux bamboo coffee table with white Carrara marble is an option of great value and beauty.

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