Murano glass sculpture from the 80s by Licio Zanetti, perfect condition, made in Italy

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This exceptional piece features the artist’s signature in acid and the original Murano glass plate, testifying to its authenticity and prestigious provenance. The excellent Made in Italy workmanship gives a further guarantee of unparalleled quality and beauty.


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This Murano glass sculpture is an authentic Italian work of art, crafted with craftsmanship and precision. Licio Zanetti’s distinctive touch is evident in every detail, from the grace of the shapes to the perfection of the colors used.
Made in the 80s, it is a rare, unique and never seen before piece. Its presence will enrich any space with elegance and sophistication. Its dimensions of 65cm high by 15cm x 15cm make it an imposing presence with great visual impact.
The perfect condition of this sculpture testifies to its impeccable state of conservation, allowing you to appreciate its beauty without any defects or signs of wear.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 65 cm