Pair of Tobia table lamps by Lamiprogetti 80s

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Our pair of Lamiprooggetti model Tobia lamps is an elegant and design addition to your space. These lamps were produced in Italy in the 1980s, testifying to the high quality Italian craftsmanship and contemporary design of the time.

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The lamps feature a glass dome, which spreads the light evenly and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the surrounding environment. The lower part of the lamps is made of black painted metal, giving a modern and sophisticated look.

Each lamp is accompanied by an authenticity label, which certifies its originality and quality. This certificate adds an added value to the piece, guaranteeing that it is an authentic Lamiprooggetti product.

Tobia lamps are designed to provide functional and aesthetic light to your space. They can be placed on a bedside table, table or desk, adding a touch of contemporary style.

The pair of lamps are perfectly matched, creating a coherent and balanced aesthetic in your environment. They can be used together to brighten a room or placed separately to create bright focal points.

By offering this pair of Lamiprooggetti lamps in your e-commerce, you will be able to provide your customers with an authentic piece of Italian design from the 80s, with its modern aesthetics and attention to detail. It will be an ideal choice for those looking for high quality and distinctively designed lamps to enrich their space.