Brutalist iron sculpture made in Italy, late 90s

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Add a touch of authenticity to your decor with this 1999 Brutalist iron sculpture, expertly crafted in Italy. Its dimensions of 58 x 43 x 15cm make it an impactful focal point in any room, adding character and charm to your home.

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Introduce a unique and authentic atmosphere into your home with this extraordinary brutalist iron sculpture, created in 1999 and engraved with the indelible mark of its time. Expertly crafted in Italy, this sculpture captures the essence of the brutalist movement with its fusion of bold geometric shapes and rough textures.

With its generous dimensions of 58 x 43 x 15 cm, this sculpture makes an impactful focal point in any environment. The intricate details and raw artistic expression add depth and character, while the iron finish gives a touch of strength and solidity.

Place this sculpture on a coffee table, shelf or pedestal to create a point of visual interest and conversation in your home.