1960s solid brass mirrors – made in Italy


Vintage brass mirror: 60s elegance, golden frame, minimalist design, Italian craftsmanship. Icon of style and refinement.
Dimensions: 75×50 cm


Light up your space with the timeless elegance of the 1960s with this vintage brass mirror. With its generous dimensions of 75 x 50 cm, this authentic piece of art captures the spirit and charm of the golden age of design. The brass frame adds a touch of timeless class, exuding golden reflections that infuse warmth and brightness into your room. The linear and sober design perfectly embodies the minimalist aesthetic of the 1960s, harmoniously combining simplicity and artistic sophistication. In addition to its visual beauty, this mirror also represents a functional work of art, testifying to the exceptional craftsmanship that has made Italian design famous throughout the world. Suspended from the wall as a focal point or placed on a surface to add luminosity, this brass mirror will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of your decor, drawing the eye and earning admiration for its timeless style and impeccable craftsmanship.


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