Trilobi Venini chandelier 1970, 750 pieces in Murano glass made in Italy

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Illuminate your space with the Venini chandelier, a luminous work of art with two-lobed Murano trefoils. With over 750 pieces and dimensions of 130x130x80 cm, it transforms the environment with elegance and refinement.


Revolutionize your space with the majestic Venini chandelier, a luminous work of art that captures the eye and transforms the environment into a symphony of light and color. With over 750 pieces, this chandelier elegantly extends over a 130x130x80 cm structure, creating an impression of unparalleled grandeur and refinement.

Each Murano trefoil, amber and transparent with a white core in the centre, is a small work of art in blown glass, shaped with artisanal mastery. The amber tones add warmth and an enveloping light, while the transparency allows the light to dance delicately through each individual element. The white core creates a fascinating contrast, emphasizing the complexity and beauty of every detail.

This chandelier is not just a light source, but an amazing visual experience. Its immensity and majesty make it perfect for large, sumptuous settings, such as dining rooms or open plan spaces, where it can shine as a focal point of design and sophistication. The quality and craftsmanship of each element reflects Murano’s thousand-year heritage of producing high-quality glass, giving the Venini chandelier an aura of prestige and timeless beauty.