Mirror in solid walnut made in Italy, 1950s


Vintage solid walnut mirror (77×52 cm): 1950s elegance, Italian design, handcrafted frame, adds warmth and sophistication to any environment.

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Expertly crafted from fine solid walnut, it embodies the timeless style of that golden age, infusing warmth and sophistication into your interior. With generous dimensions of 77 x 52 cm, it is ideal for any environment, from the bedroom to the living room, to the corridor. The walnut frame features elegant craftsmanship, enhanced by refined details and a rich finish that gives depth and character to the mirror.

In addition to its aesthetic beauty, it testifies to the quality of Italian craftsmanship, with a robust and long-lasting construction that ensures its longevity over time. Hang it on the wall to add brightness and spaciousness to the room, while infusing a touch of history and vintage charm into your decor. Whether you want to accentuate the retro elegance of your home or you are an avid collector of vintage pieces, this vintage walnut mirror will make a valuable addition to your living space, bringing with it the elegance and spirit of the Italian 50s.

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Dimensions 4 × 52 × 77 cm


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