Coffee table in the style of Ico Parisi with 70s crystal

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We introduce a built-in teak wood and crystal coffee table, inspired by the style of Ico Parisi, one of the most celebrated Italian designers of the 1970s period. This coffee table embodies the modern and sophisticated aesthetic of the era, combining high-quality materials and an attractive design.

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The coffee table is made with a teak wood frame, known for its natural beauty and strength. The teak gives the coffee table a warm brown hue, while its grain and texture of the wood add an organic touch and a sense of calm to its surroundings.
The table top is made of recessed crystal, a thick panel of clear glass with a thickness of 8mm. This crystal offers a smooth, lustrous surface that enhances the beauty of the underlying wood. The recessed crystal in the wooden frame adds a feeling of lightness and elegance to the table.
The dimensions of this coffee table are 120cm long, 50cm wide and 35cm high, making it an ideal addition to a variety of spaces. Its elongated rectangular shape makes it perfect as a coffee table or as a design element next to a sofa or armchair.
Ico Parisi’s style is known for its fusion of fluid shapes and clean lines, which are reflected in this coffee table. The minimalist, yet elegant design fits perfectly into contemporary interiors or those with a vintage style.
The built-in teak wood and crystal coffee table in the style of Ico Parisi from the 70s is a piece of furniture that combines functionality and timeless beauty. It will add a touch of sophistication and distinctive style to any space it is placed in.
Whether you are an interior design enthusiast looking for a unique piece of furniture, a collector of vintage items or simply looking for a coffee table that combines attractive design with high-quality craftsmanship, this recessed teak and crystal coffee table is an outstanding choice.

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