1950s Industrial Style Aluminum Bench with Black and White Cowhide


Elegant industrial style bench from the 1950s with aluminum structure and black and white cowhide seat. Dimensions: 82x160x55 cm. A unique piece that combines robustness and vintage style, perfect for enriching any environment with a distinctive touch.

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1950s Industrial Style Aluminum Bench with Black and White Cowhide

Unique and Refined Design

This 1950s bench combines industrial aesthetics with the elegance of cowhide. The aluminum structure gives it strength and durability, while the black and white cowhide seat adds a distinctive and sophisticated touch.

High Quality Materials

Crafted from premium materials, the bench features a durable aluminum frame and authentic cowhide seat. This combination of materials ensures not only an attractive appearance but also long life and comfort.

Perfect Size

With dimensions of 82x160x55 cm, this bench is ideal for different environments, both domestic and commercial. It is perfect for an entryway, living room or even a study, adding a touch of industrial and vintage style.

Style and Functionality

The bench is not only an elegant piece of furniture, but also a functional one. The cowhide seat offers excellent comfort, while the aluminum structure ensures stability and resistance. This unique piece can easily become the focal point of any space.


Perfect for those who love industrial style and vintage design, this 1950s aluminum bench with cowhide seat makes a stunning addition to any furniture collection. Find out more at visionedepoca.com and follow @visionidepoca on Instagram for further inspiration and updates.


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