Vintage Sarfatti style table lamp with marble base, 1970s

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1970s Sarfatti style lamp, marble base and steel lampshade. Height 98 cm, width 50 cm, lampshade 35 cm. Adds a touch of vintage elegance to your space.

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Bring the distinctive elegance of the 70s back into your home with this charming lamp inspired by the Sarfatti style. Featuring a solid marble base that adds stability and sophistication, and a steel shade that exudes timeless vintage charm, this lamp is an ode to classic design. With an imposing height of 98cm and a generous width of 50cm, it stands majestically, catching the eye and dominating the surrounding space with its commanding presence. The lampshade, with a diameter of 35cm, offers warm and welcoming lighting, while the marble base, with a diameter of 30cm and a thickness of 5cm, adds a note of luxury and stability. Every detail is taken care of with precision, from the iridescent reflections of the steel to the shine of the marble, creating a harmonious contrast that gives the lamp a timeless beauty. Add a touch of refined retro elegance to your living space with this 1970s Sarfatti lamp, and be transported back in time to an era of timeless style and sophistication.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 98 cm