Large 50s walnut mirror

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We present a large mirror made in solid walnut with an original mirror from the 1950s. This mirror embodies the timeless elegance of classic design and offers a refined and sophisticated atmosphere to any setting.

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The mirror features a soft geometric figure that gives it a unique and captivating look. The combination of solid walnut wood and the original mirror from the 1950s creates a marriage between tradition and originality, offering a vintage touch of great charm.
With its generous dimensions of 100cm high and 85cm wide, this mirror is an ideal focal point for large spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms or entrance halls. Its commanding presence and large reflective surface will help create a sense of spaciousness and luminosity in the room.
The solid walnut wood gives this mirror a warm and enveloping look. The natural grain of the wood gives it a touch of naturalness and character, while the glossy finish enhances its intrinsic beauty. Solid walnut wood is known for its durability and strength, ensuring the mirror retains its original appearance for many years.
The original 1950’s mirror adds an element of authenticity and history to this piece. The character and patina of the time give the product a unique charm and bear witness to its past.
This large mirror in solid walnut with original mirror from the 1950s is an ideal option for lovers of classic and vintage design. It will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any environment in which it is placed, becoming a true work of art that will capture the attention of anyone who sees it.
In conclusion, this large mirror in solid walnut with an original mirror from the 1950s represents a piece of furniture of great beauty and character. The combination of fine materials, the charming design and the reference to the past make it an extraordinary choice for those looking for a distinctive element for their space.

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