Rocking chair 900s

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The 1920’s rocking chair is a genuine period piece that evokes the retro charm and style of a bygone era. Made of black lacquered wood with delicate wear from age, this chair is a real treasure that adds character and authenticity to any setting.

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The black lacquered wooden structure has been skilfully worked and shows signs of wear that give it a touch of authenticity and tell its story. This chair has been lovingly restored to maintain its original charm while ensuring its flawless functionality.
The seat has been reupholstered in a luxurious gold velvet, which adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. The soft and luxurious velvet provides optimal comfort while relaxing in the rocking chair. The combination of black lacquered wood and gold velvet creates a fascinating and captivating contrast.
The dimensions of the chair are as follows: 105cm high, 82cm deep and 55cm wide. These dimensions make it suitable for different spaces, whether you want to place it in a living room, bedroom or even outdoors on a covered veranda.
This rocking chair from the 1920s is a real antique, original and fully functional. It’s a design element that can act as a focal point in a vintage decor or add a touch of character to a more modern space.
Add a touch of history and style to your space with this unique rocking chair. Enjoy the timeless charm and relaxing comfort this chair offers.

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