Surreal painting Antonino Paolo Autentico

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The painting depicts houses with bright colors and a giant clothespin in the foreground, which symbolizes the bond between creation and the creator. The painting is signed and authenticated on the back and measures 75 cm by 90 cm. You can buy it from Visioni D’epoca, the online shop specializing in vintage and collectible items. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take home a piece of original and provocative art!

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If you are passionate about surreal art and want to discover a different world from the one we know, you cannot miss the opportunity to purchase a painting by the master Paolo Antonini, born in Terni in Umbria, where he lives and works in a medieval studio. Maestro Antonini explores the theme of cloning and the search for who created us, questioning the religious narratives of creation. With his art he imagines a creation made by higher beings called the Anunnachi, who created the human race as one of their greatest failures.