Trio of prints Acupuncture 70s Turin Italy

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Welcome to our e-commerce, where we present a trio of truly unique framed prints. Dating back to the 1970s, these prints depict a man’s body detailed with all acupuncture points, providing an exceptional opportunity to explore this age-old healing practice.

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Each print is framed in a red frame that complements the retro design of the prints perfectly. The vibrant color of the frame adds a touch of energy and vitality to the artwork, catching the attention and becoming an impactful decorative element.
The depiction of the human body with all the acupuncture points is a detailed and accurate illustration representing the ancient art of traditional Chinese medicine. Each acupuncture point is identified and marked, allowing for easy understanding and in-depth study.
At the bottom right of each print, you will find the inscription “Copyright by Agoelettronica – Torino Italy”. This signature underlines the authenticity and originality of the artwork, guaranteeing that it is an exclusive production of Agoelettronica, a renowned company from Turin, Italy. The presence of this signature adds a touch of prestige and a guarantee of quality to framed prints.
This trio of framed prints is a unique opportunity to enrich your space with an artistic and cultural touch. The prints are both a decorative object of great visual impact and a historical record of the practice of acupuncture. They are ideal for those who are passionate about ancient traditions and want to add an element of charm and mystery to their home or studio.
Don’t miss this opportunity to own a unique and authentic piece. Purchase today this trio of framed prints depicting a man’s body with all the acupuncture points and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of this age-old practice.